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The Carb Sensitivity Program Hardcover

by: Clear Medicine | SKU:

If diet after diet has failed you  its not the calories, its the carbs! Bestselling author and naturopathic doctor Natasha Turner is back, with a revolutionary discovery about the carbs that make and keep you fat. With Dr. Turners carb rehab program you can repair metabolism so that you can eventually eat carbs again  without the weight gain! Did you know that healthy foods such as sweet pota_toes, black beans or quinoa could be making you fat? Renowned health expert Dr. Natasha Turner has made a remarkable discovery that can help curb cravings, control appetite and beat belly fat in just six weeks. Her research and hundreds of patient trials have revealed that the vast majority of us have different degrees of sensitivity to carbohydrates without realizing it. This means that your level of sensitivity to certain carbo_hydrates (such as bread, vegetables, pasta, rice, fruits and beans) determines the size of your waistline. This explains why some people fail to lose weight, get stuck on a plateau or increase their weight even when theyre following a perfectly balanced diet. Something as simple as chickpeas could actually be a major contributor to weight gain! The Carb Sensitivity Program helps you uncover the right carbohydrates for your body, and walk away with a personalized plan that sheds body fat, increases energy and optimizes health by producing quick, consistent and lasting weight loss. More than just a diet, the CSP is a carb rehab program that actually repairs your metabolism and helps you reintroduce carbs without rebound weight gain, cravings, water retention and mood swings. Now you can finally achieve your best bodyfor life. Note that this is the Canadian copy of the book.


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