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Clear Cleanse -Cellular Cleanse & Intermittent Fasting Support (159g)

by: Clear Medicine | SKU:

Product Benefits:

    ✔ Contains Powerful Antioxidants to Nourish and Protect the Body
    ✔ Helps to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat and Supports Metabolism
    ✔ Supports Improved Mental and Physical Performance
    ✔ Helps the Body Better Cope With Stress

USD $32.32

Clear Cleanse helps give your body the nutrition it needs to cleanse itself naturally. It's designed to feed and nourish your body, unlike other "cleanses" that deplete your body with laxatives or diuretics, it helps the body better cope with stress and supports improved mental and physical performance and overall health.

Clear Cleanse contains powerful antioxidants like bilberry, blueberry and raspberry, which help protect your body from free radicals and support cardiovascular and brain health. It also contains pure Aloe vera inner-leaf gel, which promotes a strong immune system, as well as Ionic Alfalfa, a proprietary alfalfa juice concentrate with a blend of trace minerals, which support the body's functions.

The potency of each rare ingredient has been improved with a new manufacturing and extraction process that pulls all of the phytochemical properties from the botanicals at the cellular level.


Proprietary blend of herbs. Please see the full list of ingredients shown in the product label image.
Recommended Use:
Mix 1 and 1/4 tsp. in one litre of water. Consume four litres of the mixture on intermittent fasting days or one litre per day for general cleansing support
If you are pregnant or breast feeding or on anti-seizure medications. Take 20-30 minutes away from all prescprition medications and consult a physician prior to use.