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Clear Flora (60 Capsules)

by: Clear Medicine | SKU:

Product Benefits:

    ✔ Supports Gastrointestinal Health
    ✔ Promotes Healthy GI Microflora and Aids Digestive Detoxification
    ✔ Eases Abdominal Discomfort
    ✔ Aids Weight Loss, Insulin Balance, and Estrogen Detoxification
    ✔ Aids Immunity and Prevents Colds and Flu, Reduces Skin Irritations, and Allergic Conditions

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Clear Flora, designed by Clear Medicine is a probiotic formula that provides highly viable, pure strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus (NCFM¨ strain) and Bifidobacterium lactis along with supportive factors.

Oral supplements of live, beneficial intestinal microorganisms for nutritional health and well-being are known as probiotics. The composition of the intestinal microflora is dynamic and constantly changing. If harmful microorganisms proliferate, the equilibrium is disturbed and it becomes difficult for the healthy indigenous bacteria to maintain their necessary territory to colonize the intestine.

Clear Flora may be useful for:

→  Re-establishing healthy bacterial balance after the use of antibiotics:

  • Antibiotics tend to kill off both beneficial and harmful bacteria, and thus may also disturb the normal, healthy balance of intestinal microorganisms.
  • A normal intestinal microflora rich in lactobacilli creates acidic conditions that are unfavorable for the settlement of harmful microorganisms.

  Immune system support:

  • Probiotic bacteria favorably alter the intestinal microflora balance and assist with the treatment and prevention of allergies.
  • Probiotics inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and promote good digestion.
  • Probiotics boost immune function and increase resistance to infection. People with flourishing intestinal colonies of beneficial bacteria are better equipped to fight the growth of disease-causing bacteria.

  Treating and preventing yeast infections:

  • Regular ingestion of probiotic bacteria may help prevent vaginal yeast infection.

  Healthy digestive function:

  • Diarrhea flushes intestinal microorganisms out of the gastrointestinal tract, leaving the body vulnerable to opportunistic infections. Replenishing the beneficial bacteria with probiotic supplements can help prevent new infections.
  • The incidence of “traveler’s diarrhea,” caused by pathogenic bacteria in drinking water or undercooked foods, can be reduced by the preventive use of probiotics.
  • Constipation, irritable bowel, food allergies and inflammatory bowel disease may also benefit from the use of this product.

  Healthy hormonal balance, and the reduction of harmful effects of hormone replacement (including HRT and the birth control pill):

  • The bacteria in the digestive tract are essential for the breakdown and metabolism of estrogen.
  • If the body is lacking the necessary bacteria to break down estrogen, symptoms and complications of high estrogen levels such as PMS or breast tenderness may result.

  Aiding digestion and absorption:

  • Enzymes secreted by probiotic bacteria aid digestion.
  • Acidophilus is a source of lactase, the enzyme needed to digest milk sugar, which is lacking in lactose-intolerant people.


Guaranteed to provide no fewer than 15 billion combined live organisms per serving through date of expiration.

For best results, keep refrigerated. 

For more information on the benefits of probiotics click here. 

Each capsule contains: Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM Strain and Bifidobacterium lactis 15 billion live organisms (formerly known as B.infantis)
Recommended Dosage:
Take 1 to 2 capsules on rising or before bed, away from food. This product requires refrigeration.
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