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Clear Ginger (120 Capsules)

by: Clear Medicine | SKU:

Product Benefits:

  • Helps with Nausea After Surgery or During Pregnancy
  • Relieve Muscle Pain, Soreness, and Menstrual Pain
  • Lowers Blood Sugar in Individuals with Diabetes
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels
  • Lowers The Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer
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Clear Ginger, formulated by Clear Medicine offers 600mg of ginger root per capsule. Clear Ginger is a standardized ginger making it stronger and more potent. We recommend patients take four to five capsules daily to reap the same benefits found in the studies mentioned below.

Ginger root is part of the plant family that includes turmeric and cardamom, which may explain why the health benefits of ginger are so extraordinary. One study showed that in eight short weeks ginger is useful for patients with type 2 diabetes by enhancing insulin sensitivity. Another study found that ginger has significant health-promoting benefits for cancer patients. It has also been found to inhibit tumour growth. Most people know that ginger has long been used for anti-nausea and also acts as an anti-inflammatory but you might not know it is also wonderful for pain management as well.  You can understand our excitement, right? 

Here we have ten MAGICAL BENEFITS of ginger: 

1. Anti-inflammatory - which in turn will help with pain

2. Anti-nausea - helps your tummy by alleviating nausea  

3. Digestive Support -  helps promote healthy digestion and metabolism and  improves constipation and bloating

4. Heals Ulcers - known to cure stomach ulcers and GERD

5. Boosts Immunity - not only does it boost immunity, it also prevents accumulations of toxins

6. Antifungal - the extract is most effective at killing fungus 

7. Weight Loss - beats belly fat

8. Reduces Pain - especially with arthritis 

9. Improves Diabetes - enhances insulin sensitivity

10. Fights Cancer - known to inhibit tumour growth




Ginger root 5% 600 mg
Recommended Dosage:
4 capsules daily with food or as directed by your healthcare provider
None known