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Clear Potassium Boost (120 Capsules Containing 300mg Per Dose)

by: Clear Medicine | SKU:

Product Benefits:

    ✔ Assists With Water Retention
    ✔ Assists With Blood Pressure Regulation
    ✔ Supports Cardiovascular Health
    ✔ For Electrolyte Balance and Hydration
    ✔ Prevents Muscle Cramping

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Clear Potassium Boost is a uniquely formulated and composed of potassium bicarbonate because of the substantial research on its alkalinizing capacities and blood pressure support, combined with potassium bound to the amino acid glycine. You can't beat the potency, stability, and tolerability of this potassium product!

Potassium is a vitally important mineral in the cell. Approximately 98 percent of the body's stores of potassium are within the cell. It is the ratio of intracellular-to-extracellular potassium that determines muscle cell excitability. Thus, potassium plays an essential role in the functioning of not only skeletal muscle, but also the heart muscle. Potassium is essential for nerve impulse transmission, muscle contractility, and maintaining already normal blood pressure, energy production, and nucleic acid synthesis.

Epidemiological evidence suggests that diets high in potassium provide numerous benefits to cardiovascular health.

A potassium deficiency can occur when large amounts of potassium are lost via the digestive system or the urinary tract; for example, prolonged use of a non-potassium sparing diuretic can cause a loss of potassium via the urinary tract.

Individuals with eating disorders are also at risk for being potassium-deficient. A chronic potassium deficiency can result in several adverse health conditions; at a minimum, a low potassium level can result in a prolonged feeling of weakness and fatigue.

Each capsule contains: Potassium (bicarbonate and glycinate) 300mg
Suggested Use:
Take one capsule per day with food or immediately after meals
Consult a health practitioner for use beyond six months, or if taking medication for high blood pressure. Kidney patients should limit their intake of potassium to preserve nerve function.
Contraindications con't:
Do not use with other potassium-containing supplements or with potassium-containing salt-substitutes.