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New Year Detox - Step 1 - Permitted Food List, Diet Guidelines and Supplement Plan

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Rid your extra pounds and lingering effects of holiday indulgences with Clear Medicine's New Years 2016 Detox.

This program is comprised of two steps. Step 1 (duration of 30 days) primarily focuses on cleansing your digestive system and ridding yeast overgrowth, which is essential after too much wine, beer, and sugar during the holidays. Step 2 ( the next 30 days), focuses on supporting healthy liver function for weight loss, metabolism, hormonal balance and detoxification. 

This PDF explains the first two weeks of Step 1 and contains your permitted food lists and diet guidelines. It also outlines your supplement plan for the entire 30 days of the first step.

The supplements  for the 30 day Step 1 include:

1.) Things you may have already. However, If you do not have these products on hand, options for each are available on this site. 

2.) Specific digestive and yeast cleansing (recommended for the first 30 days or the entirety of step one only):