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Clear D3 Tablets 1000IU protect yourself from the cold & flu + aid weight loss!




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Clear Chocolate Coconut Fibre Bar -satisfy your sweet craving, control your appetite, & beat belly fat!




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Clear Resveratrim: provides anti-aging benefits, helps with inflammation, memory, and energy


Kids Dietary Supplement: start your kids’ new year off in a healthy way with this # 1 selling supplement for kids!

Comes in 3 delicious flavours: Berry, Chocolate, Original


Quercetin: a natural treatment for allergies, skin rashes, bloating, and food allergies


Mag-Citrate: take at bedtime for a natural sleep aid, constipation remedy, craving control, stress tension, and anxiety control


BioThy: boost your metabolism this winter, which is when thyroid hormone tends to naturally decrease!


RR Formula: this age-old remedy has long been favoured by natural doctors for digestive inflammation, heart burn, and indigestion


ADP: feeling at risk for a cold/flu? Suspect you have bacterial imbalance in your gut? Try these potent oregano oil capsules.


Evening Primrose Oil: great for dry winter itch, PMS, breast tenderness, and joint pain


Wobenzym: the # 1 over the counter anti-inflammation remedy from Germany. Perfect for those with injuries, swelling, abdominal bloating, and post-surgery. Available in 400 tablet and 100 tablet sizes!


Ultra MFP Forte: think you might overdo sugar and alcohol over the holidays? Reduce these negative effects with 4 capsules of Ultra MFP Forte, which rids the body of mould, fungus, and parasites.


Advanced B Complex: great for carb metabolism, energy, and stress support. Activate your B’s at breakfast!