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The Hormone Boost (Book Also Called The Hormone FIX) - Fat Loss Six Kit (30 Day Supply)

by: Clear Medicine | SKU:
USD $181.57

The following supplements are Clear Medicine's favorite choices to power up your fat-loss hormones. You can select the supplement to match the hormones you want to boost, or you can boost all of them, if you wish. If your supplement budget allows, incorporating these will accelerate your results:

  • Clear Detox—Hormonal Health: Use this to support liver function, get rid of toxins and hormonal waste (especially harmful estrogen) and combat inflammation. Healthy liver function is especially important because it activates thyroid and growth hormones. Take one dose of five capsules at breakfast, or at lunch if you are taking a thyroid medication on rising. If you cannot afford all the supplements in this section, this is the one to buy.
  • Clear Energy—Dopamine Support Formula: Use this for a thyroid, dopamine and adrenalin boost. Take 3 capsules on rising.
  • Clear Balance—Stress Support Formula: Use this for a DHEA and testosterone boost and stress support. Take 1 capsule on rising and 2 before bed.
  • Clear zzz’s—Melatonin: Use this to boost melatonin, thyroid hormone and growth hormone. Take 1 to 3 lozenges a half-hour before bedtime.
  • Clear Recovery—Sports and Energy Formula: This will boost growth hormone. Take half a scoop in water before or after a workout, or before bed. 

The following additional products are also recommended if you want to make smoothies or protein meal replacements part of your plan.

  • Dream Protein: A long-time favorite whey protein brand at Clear Medicine for years, Dream Protein is cold-filtered and free of artificial sweeteners and glutamates (a neurotoxic compound in some protein supplements). Use 1.5 to 2 scoops per smoothie.
  • Clear Complete: A complete meal replacement to use as an on-the-go option, Clear Complete contains protein, carb, fat and fiber as well as a multivitamin (including the zinc, magnesium, vitamin C and E listed earlier). You can also use this product to make your Hormone Boost plan as simple as possible: use 1.5 to 2 scoops of Clear Complete for two meals per day and consume solid foods for the other two meals.
  • Clear Fiber: Clear Medicine recommends using fiber supplements in smoothies to provide the highest amount of fiber needed to stimulate an adiponectin boost and to support healthy digestion. Clear Fibre is a mixture of non-irritating soluble and insoluble fiber to assist with bowel regularity. Add 1 to 2 scoops to your smoothies daily.
  • B-UP Bars: “Over the years, the biggest criticism of protein bars has been the inclusion of so many hard-to-pronounce ingredients that sound like they are straight from an AP chemistry class. Who knows the effect they have on your physique, much less your colon? The new gluten-free B-UP protein bar is a lean, mean, protein-delivering machine that contains only 12 ingredients. Its 20 g of protein are derived from whey and milk protein isolate, a very pure form of protein that has been stripped of almost all of its carbs, fats and lactose. Studies have also shown that whey protein isolate blunts hunger hormones and promotes satiety, making it one of the smartest protein choices when you’re cutting calories. Each bar is loaded with prebiotic fiber and delivers just 4 g of impact carbs. If you’re on a diet, this bar is your new best friend.” (Excerpt from Iron Man magazine, which rated B-UP as the best protein bar of 2016.) Clear Medicine is very picky when it comes to bars—and this one fits the Hormone Boost nutritional guidelines.

If you want to include the Hormone Boost fasting day in your plan, and we recommend that you do, you will need:

Clear Detox- Hormonal Health (Clear Medicine):
Ingredients: Inositol 200mg, Choline 200mg, Betaine HCI 25 mg, Dandelion 15mg, Milk Thistle 15mg, Artichoke 15 mg, Vitamin B1 55 mg, Vitamin B2 55mg, Niacinamide 200mg, Vitamin B6 55mg.
Ingredients Continued:
Vitamin B12 100mg, Folic Acid 400 mcg, Biotin 200mcg, Vitamin B5 55mg, Turmeric 150mg, Green Tea 200mg, DIM 100mg, Broccoli Seed Extract 15mg, Calcium D-Glucarate 400mg, Magnesium 200mg.
Recommended Dosage:
Take one dose of five capsules at breakfast, or at lunch if you are taking a thyroid medication on rising.
Clear Energy (Clear Medicine):
Ingredients: 1 Capsule Contains DL-Phenylalanine 300 mg, L-Tyrosine 200 mg, Rhodiola rosea extract 75 mg (standardized to contain 1% rosavins), L-Methionine 60 mg, Octacosanol 2 mg
Recommended Dosage:
Take 3 capsules on rising or before exercise.
Clear Balance (Clear Medicine):
Two capsules contain: Relora 500 mg, Vitamin B-1 10 mg, Vitamin B-2 10mg, Niacinamide 10mg, Vitamin B-6 10mg, Vitamin B-12 100 mcg; Folic acid 200 mcg, Ascorbate 150mg (from magnesium ascorbate)
Recommended Dosage:
Take 1 on rising and 2 before bed. Consistent use of this product is recommended for at least 30 days for stress recuperation & cortisol reduction.
Clear Zzz's (Clear Medicine):
Melatonin 3mg
Recommended Dosage:
Take one quick-dissolve tablet 15 to 60 minutes before bedtime as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
Clear Recovery (Clear Medicine):
Powder : Vitamin C 200 mg, vitamin E 50 iu, vitamin B6 25 mg, vitamin B12 100 mcg, magnesium 60 mg, zinc 5 mg, chromium 25 mcg, l-creatine 1750 mg, l-glutamine 1250 mg, l-taurine 1000 mg, l-leucine 500 mg, l-valine 500 mg, l-isoleucine 250 mg.
Recommended Use:
Adults take one serving per day (1/2 scoop), during or after workouts. Endurance/strength athletes can increase to two servings per day. Mix with 8-10oz of water. Stir or shake well.